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Dedicated to Mr. Miller Posted on: December 25th, 2012 by admin
​ Mr. Miller was born Oct. 31, 1999. He came to us at a very important time in our lives. Sandra was going blind with glaucoma and cataracts and Mr. Miller was going to be her seeing eye dog. He had no formal training but was guided by instinct to guide and protect her. When Sandra had successful surgery and regained her eye sight, Mr. Miller moved into his new job as shop guard and greeter with ease. Everyone knew who he was. We were the store with “The Big Black Dog”, the one who could jump and clear the counter in a single bound. He was called the” Wonder Dog” by JD Wells, a well known and respected radio announcer here in Las Vegas, because he could flush toilets, unscrew knobs, open doors (he never did learn how to close them), and because he acted human. In many ways he was more human than we are.  We should be so lucky as to be like him. He loved unconditionally, he was gentle to a fault and he loved his people the way WE should, without thought of who we were, what we looked like, where we came from or what we had done in our past. He was more than a great friend he was family and he will be missed not only by us and our customers but also by the many thousands of people who saw him on the web. Good bye old man. May 2, 2007.

I was the first boy on the block​